Solder Tip Cleaner Brass wire sponge with Black Plastic Base

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  • Best Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner and Base Holder.
  • No Water Required, Not Reduce The Tip Temperature.
  • The holder has a ball shell design. When you clean your soldering iron tip, there won’t have tin residual out the container, which will keep your workbench cleaning.
  • Safe and Clean to Use.
  • Made From Brass Wire, Cleans Better Than Conventional Sponges.

Soldering Tip Cleaner Set avoids premature wastage of soldering iron tips. And it greatly reduces the rate of oxide accumulation in soldering iron tips compared to conventional tip cleaners.


  1. After Using the soldering iron, the tip will turn black.
  2. Before residue sticking on the tip.
  3. Thrusting soldering tip into brass wire at a downward.
  4. After that the tip will be cleaned as the original.

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