Tweezers | Anti-Static Stainless Steel SET 6Pcs

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Stainless steel curved forceps.

Material: Stainless steel.

ST Series Precision Tweezers: stainless steel, magnetic, anti-acid, anti-corrosion, easy to work in operation containing magnetic elements containing rust, security;

  • TS-10 (standard): used to solder IC chip, and install or replace components.
  • TS-11 (large): This tweezers Tsui is longer than the standard length, suitable for precision electronic components operation.
  • TS-12 (high elasticity): This tweezers Tsui more powerful than the standard tweezers, but also in the clip board with a strong tweezers will not bend, members will not fall
  • TS-13 (circle): this round to avoid damage to components, suitable for the extraction of chip circuits.
  • TS-14 (ultrafine): This special tapered tweezers Tsui, Tsui winger Lee, suitable for high density
  • integrated circuit chip assembly operation.
  • TS-15 (Eagle Tsui): This tweezers Tsui bent 450 degrees;, bendable rugged reduce fatigue overtime work, adapted to extract components in confined spaces.

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